Cruise Control by- Joose

Another dope project coming from the AGO camp. This time around the groovy sounds come from producer, composer, rapper, writer Joose. Yesterday he dropped a seven track EP entitled “Cruise Control.” This whole EP have good vibes, and music you can ride out to for the summer time cruise. Two tracks that are in heavy rotation in my car is “California Girls” and “Black Sand.” in college, and maybe now, I always felt like I needed a Cali girl on my team. They always have good vibes about them, and Joose helps express my true feelings about them in “California Girls.” Gotta keep them Cali girls around.

Words by: Shack

"Floating While Dreaming" - by P E L L (Official Album)

I came across PELL in a very organic way. I literally listen to the first track on the album and I immediately thought he sounded similar to Chance The Rapper, but the big surprise was how different the content was. Sonically I haven’t heard anything new from a hip-hop artist like this album. I’ve been riding with it in the car for a while and it’s definitely a keeper. To say the least Pell has some really great songs. Sometimes you might like the beat or a few bars catch your attention, but this is a complete project with radio ready singles. The next step for me is to catch this kid live and see what is on-stage presences is like. I think he will be performing here in Atlanta for A3C in October, so it looks like I won’t have to wait long. Comment below and tell us what you think about Pell as an artist and his new project “Floating While Dreaming.”

Words by: Wes Jones

Meet Us At The 2014 Black Alumni Expo

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Visit and get your apparel today.

Until Then by- Sango & Waldo

Grand Rapids, Michigan producer Sango, and Rapper Waldo teams up again to put together another project called “Until Then.” I’am highly furious at this project because it is only five tracks. It’s like going to the corner store, and your buying your favorite bag of chips, then you open the bag and it’s an air bag with like seven pieces of chips in it. Or maybe thats just the “Sturdy” kid in me. On “Rushed Perfection”, Waldo begins with a rapid flow. Then later on in the track there is a transition where he slows down the flow and keeps a steady pace flow. Even though it’s only five tracks, “Until Then” makes it to my iTunes.

Words by: Shack

"Ace" by- Le$ (Prod. Cookin Soul)

Le$ who currently just inked a deal with Curren$y record label Jet Life recently dropped a mixtape called “Ace.” It is the first collab project with his new label family and Grammy Award winning producers Cookin Soul. The 10 track project is inspired by one of the most popular movie tied in with the streets, and hiphop “Paid in Full.” The tack list go’s in order like just like the movie.The Mixtape is a solid tape and a good introduction to Le$ if you never heard his music before.

Words by: Shack

What Can Jay-Z Not Do? New Cologne Commercial

H O V is always working, and this time around he’s going gold, but not because of album sales.

"Top notes await us with a union of ginger, grapefruit, blueberry and cardamom. The heart emphasizes masculine vetiver incorporated with pink pepper, lavender and violet leaf on a base of amber, peace, teak and vanilla. Its olfactory character is described as a white fougère and it really has that scent, quiet, fresh, elegant and serene, gently heated with the warmth of amber and vanilla. Jay Z Gold will be available in bottles of 15, 30, 50 and 90 ml"

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Young FP talks “Sativa Summer”

Summertime is officially here, which means those of you who are in school and aren’t taking summer classes and those who have the luxury of taking a vacation from their jobs get ample time to kick back, chill, and roll up a blunt or a joint (if that’s your thing). Young FP has created a soundtrack for just that agenda: enjoying the simple pleasures of this beautiful weather while high as a kite. It isn’t just about getting baked, though. The latest project, Sativa Summer also pays homage to artists of the past and present, blending influences from both hip-hop and R&B, and hints of east coast and west coast rap for a sound that can be enjoyed in the house, in the car, and at a party.

The Virginia Beach native recently sat down with the Kitchen Feed and discussed his latest album and a few other things.

Heres what he has to say:

What is a Sativa Summer?

Sativa Summer is just a perfect summer. You got your smoke, you got your outfit planned out, you go to your day party or a bar at night. It’s just the perfect summer, barbecue, the weed smoke in the air, cookouts, pool party, just the perfect atmosphere for the summer.

I love your album. I particularly like the song “Junior Mafia.” You managed to create a modern version of the song Big Poppa.

I wanted to do that because, I wanna bridge the gap between the old generation and the new generation. A lot of people don’t realize that the things we do nowadays is just taken from the old school. A lot of younger kids might know Big Poppa, but they might not know that song, so that might get them in tune with digging up that history. To be a good rapper, you gotta know about the people who came before you. A lot of kids are going off of what they see now but they don’t understand, it was cool way back in the day. It was way cooler than it is now.

We came from a really good era of hip-hop.

We came when everything was blazing. R&B was where it needed to be, all the rappers were stepping their game up to the most. You think about it, you listen to the 90’s music now, it almost gives you goosebumps listening to it, compared to what w’ere listening to on a daily basis. You get hype when you hear a 90’s track now.

The album is appropriately named given that most states are actively trying to legalize marijuana sales. Whats your take on that?

I’m all for it. I believe that marijuana is not only a recreational drug to calm certain people down from the normal routines of life or anything we might have like ADHD and things of that nature, but I also believe that its a cure. It heals! I believe that they don’t want to legalize it because they know of the healing powers. It will make for a more lucrative economy. As far as money-wise, financial wise, I think they know it will also cut back on hospital bills and medication—you can go buy a dime bag instead of buying a bottle of aspirin. I’m all for it, I’m all in support of it, i don’t believe Virginia will ever do it because Virginia just doesn’t let up on anything, but I went out to California a month or two ago, and I was in love. And that’s what made me wanna name my project Sativa summer, because they’re so big on cannabis and I actually learned about the different strands of cannabis. How sativa’s sativa, and how it’s indica — I was very fascinated by it and just the atmosphere of California in general. So I was like when I come back, Im gonna make something in ode to the California concept and how they live in that area, bring it back here and relate it to what I’m doing and what’s going on here.

Who was your favorite artist to work with?

Honestly, this feature that I did for this project, the Keepin’ it G joint with Intalek — I listened to Intalek before me and him actually became associates and friends in the music industry out here, so I was a fan of him. I actually think he’s one of dopest, best lyricists in Virginia, period. So for him to want to come into my world and put a verse on what I was doing, it just made more sense. It was so out of the ordinary that people wouldn’t expect it and I enjoyed working with him more than anybody. We kicked it, we vibed, I sent him the track way before he did it, he loved it. We actually knocked it out in one set, and that was who I really enjoyed working with. Honestly I don’t really like — not necessarily that I don t like industry people, but it’s so much behind the industry and politics and working with certain people. I really like everything to be organic. Whoever I work with, I want them to like what I’m doing, me to like what they do and we bring it together and fuse it and make our own thing. It’s still some people I’m looking forward to working with. Me and Problem from California actually might do something soon, we have been talking to Mister Fabbs camp (an artist out of Oakland) and a couple other people. Even people out here, me and A. Driver have some stuff coming out.

Blunts or Rolling papers?

For me, It depends on the setting. If i’m out and about, and it’s a lot of people, of course, imma do a blunt, but If i’m in the house by myself and I’m just cleaning up or i’m just listening to some music, I might roll a white boy. It gotta be by yourself. You can’t share the papers with everybody. You gotta pass the blunt, face the papers.

Listen to Sativa Summer below:

Words by: Jesse O. Prince

Exposing the Unexposed

"Smoking With The Gods" by - by Azizi Gibson #NewAudio

I’m cooling with one of the homies in Panera Bread stealing free air. We’re discussing music and upcoming projects. He mentions Maryland artist; Azizi Gibson’s track called “Smoking With The Gods.” Azizi holds a nice flow to the bounce of the beat which creates an automatic head nod. This is definitely good music to ride to on a nice day with the bass knocking. Check out his new project “Backward Books.”

Words by: Shack