Grandmilly - Invest His Mind, Body & Soul On His Latest Project

How many new emcee’s rep their hometown with no equivocations or doubt, but also have the quality to make you listen. If you’re still thinking I’m sure your list is either short or empty. Grandmilly is back with a new tape that goes from start to finish. Respect the lyrics, the flow, the metaphors, the beats, and the voice because this Long Island native is making the rounds in the indie circuit. It won’t be long before the majors catch wind of the kid and when that happens its a rap (no pun intended). We’ve been featuring Milly of thekitchenfeed for a while now, and its because we never have to question his authenticity or work ethic.

R.L. Stien When I Write Rhymes, Give You Goosebumps, & That Word Is Bond, On My Moms.” - Grandmilly

"Mind Body & Soul" is Milly’s latest project and it has this amazing organic hip-hop atmosphere surrounding it. About mid-way through this project there’s this crucial interlude called “Real To Real Intermission” if you’re listening to it straight through. Once you get to this point you should be completely submerged in this tape. Leave us a line below, and give us your thoughts about Grandmilly and “Mind, Body & Soul.”

Words by: Wes Jones

KillGXXD Vibes Out On a New Remix #NewAudio

What exactly does fun sound like? KillGXXD does a good job explaining it with this new remix. Everybody loves Juicy J and the energy he brings to every record, so check out this mash-up created with the same high energy. A good producer, a few synthesizers, and a good wavy vibe, is all you need to get the party started. Hit your local liquor store, grab some pineapple Ciroc, download KillGXXD’s new “Low” remix and prepare to “trippy mane.”

Words by: Wes Jones

Amir Obé’s Explains It All “Detrooklyn” (Album) (Free Download)

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I didn’t really know what to expect when I first saw the title, “Jay-Z, Kanye, Esco” I was truly expecting to hate the record. But, something still persuaded me to click play. Amir Obi’s musical identity is discovered on this record. So many stories, ideologies and a wealth of personal information is given on a hip-hop authentic record. Obé’ isn’t trying to follow an old or new sound he’s simply creating music.

"I aint never lose a deal, I just tore the contract up, said I never lose the real, you aint see my P.O.V. tried to make me B.o.b."

That line is no diss to B.o.b, but it says a lot about who Amir is as an emcee. The record is so intricate all the way down to the Peter Gabriel sample “We Do What We’re Told.” If you’re really into hip-hop as a whole and want to hear good music coming from a real place you need to download “Detrooklyn.” The stories on this project have a level of authenticity because we get details that can only come from experience. Being able to channel your inner thoughts with no fear of what people might think makes you amazing. Earth shaking beats good enough for a 90’s MPC beat king from the Southside.

The question “do lyrics still matter” keeps floating around the industry. Radio personalities are having this conversation, fans, indie artist, major label artist as well, but I think even with hip-hop in it’s 40’s the fundamentals still matter. The problem is everything is still driven by money. I saw this video was placed on Complex’s website, but the write-up by whoever was told to place it was so lack luster. It did nothing for the artist or the record other than get the attention of however many people scrolled over it for the 30 mins it was on the main page of the blog column. When I hear something amazing that is years ahead of everybody else I get excited to share it with the people, and the pay respect to the artist who created it.

"Keep grinding, we need more music like this."

Words by: Wes Jones

Big K.R.I.T. Gives The People Something To Pay Attention To Until Cadillatica

(See Me On Top Vol. 4) is definitely a nice surprise for all the music lovers. Anytime we get a new mixtape from K.R.I.T. its dope, especially when its unexpected. Big K.R.i.T gives the fans exactly what they need, which is more music, and not just any music, but quality tunes. This tour is bound to be packed with surprises in every city, special guest appearances, and if you don’t already know about Atlanta’s own Two-9, you’re about to learn. This is going to be one of the highest energy hip-hop shows this fall. If you get your photography on and capture dope pic, send them to us so we can share them with the people. Obviously include your info so we can give you credit, along with the venue name and city. Enjoy the show…

Get Tickets Here

Oct 2nd - Charlotte, NC [Amos’ Southend]
Oct 3rd - Washington, DC [Howard Theatre]
Oct 4th - Savannah, GA [Savannah state]
Oct 6th - Philadelphia, PA [TLA]
Oct 7th - New York, NY [Highline Ballroom]
Oct 8th – Cambridge, MA [The Middle East]
Oct 9th - Montreal, QC [Le Cinq]
Oct 10th - Toronto, ON [Tattoo Queen West]
Oct 11th – Cleveland Heights, OH [Grog Shop]
Oct 12th - Ann Arbor, MI [Blind Pig]
Oct 14th – Indianapolis, IN [Emerson Theatre]
Oct 15th - St.Louis, MO [The Ready Room]
Oct 16th - Minneapolis, MN [Fine Line Music Cafe]
Oct 17th - Chicago, IL [Bottom Lounge]
Oct 18th - Iowa City, IA [Blue Moose Tap House]
Oct 19th - Lawrence, KS [Granada Theatre]
Oct 21st - Denver, CO [Cervantis/Other Side]
Oct 24th - Portland, OR [Alhambra Theatre]
Oct 25th - Victoria, BC [Club9One9]
Oct 26th - Vancouver, BC [The Venue]
Oct 27th - Seattle, WA [The Showboat ]
Oct 29th - San Francisco, CA [Slim’s]
Oct 30th - Santa Cruz, CA [The Catalyst]
Oct 31st - Los Angeles, CA [Echoplex]
Nov 2nd - Mesa, AZ [Club Red]
Nov 4th – Durham, NC-[NC Central University w/ YG]
Nov 5th - Oklahoma City, OK [Farmers Market]
Nov 6th - Austin, TX [Scoot Inn]
Nov 7th - Dallas, TX [Southside Music Hall]
Nov 8th - San Antonio, TX [The White Rabbit]
Nov 9th - Houston, TX [Warehouse]
Nov 11th - New Orleans, LA [House of Blues]
Nov 13th – Birmingham, AL [Zydeco]
Nov 14th – Nashville, TN [Anthem]
Nov 15th - Atlanta, GA [Masquerade]

Words by: Wes Jones

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Kent M$ney Delivers Quality On His New EPK, But Will The People Understand: “Crowned”

I’ve been following Kent M$ney since his debut "Eyes Wide Shut" which dropped in April of 2013. This dude was a standout talent in my eyes way before I knew he was singed to Hit-Boy’s label and prior to the big releases from “We The Plug.” Kent brings a different type of lyrical precision and delivery compared to everyone else in his crew. He has that golden voice you don’t often find combined with intelligence, storytelling ability, and the overall package. This is a solid download and worth checking out. I also wonder what will be Kent’s boiling point, or in other words what will be that thing to push him past the “good rapper” label and into a name brand.

Memo to Kent: More tracks like “Still Alright” is a good start. I can really feel the emotion on this record, but more importantly it gives me that personal identification we need as listeners to make a deeper connection with the music. On your first album that track which would be my blueprint if I were in your shoes is "Street Views." I almost hurt my damn neck nodding while playing that record.

Peace Kent…

Words by: Wes Jones

"Velho" (Freestyle) by: GoldLink

GoldLink, a DMV artist provides a 2 minute freestyle off of the Stussy x Soulection Compilation. “Velho”, produced by oriJanus with GoldLink flow complement each other well with a “soul bounce” sound. Not too many people may not know about GoldLink but he is one to be on the lookout for. Another track he released a few months ago is called “When I Die.” In the the beginning of the song he begins to list everything he hopes for when he dies. I believe at some point and time in everybody life they thought about how they want things to go, or when I die “what if?” The two wishes that touched home for me was the ones to his mother and father. Tell us what you think of GoldLink.

Words by: Shack

Clockwork Does a 180 But He’s Not Going Counter Clockwise

I’m going to start off by saying Mac Miller, Clock, and their whole crew is crazy, but in a good way. I would love to sit down with them and observe their creative process. You can tell by the name of the record this was something completely random. Obviously Clock is a better DJ than he is an emcee, but nonetheless this video is kind of trippy, Larry Fisherman aka. Mac Miller produced a dope beat and they had fun. I do like to see artist trying new things, taking risk, and showing their true character from time to time. Emcee who take themselves to seriously are draining to listen to on record or in real-life. Check out this new visual from the Pittsburg homies and tell us what you thought about it.

Stick to the Technic 1200’s Clock
Words by: Wes Jones

For the past few years, the Afropunk festival has been one of the few summer events I’ve consistently looked forward to in New York City. It is the coming together of music, arts, food, and people. It’s also a celebration of modern Blackness in a time when Blackness is being put to its ultimate test. This years Afropunk, as it has every year for the past ten years, attracted thousands of music lovers and creative folk with its awesome performances, art displays, food trucks, and overall good vibes.
The pix tell the full story. Check them out.

Words and Photos: Jesse O. Prince

Exposing the Unexposed

Murph Watkins Teams Up With Philly On “Pharaoh” #NewMusic

I was actually on my 9 to 5 about a year ago having a conversation with an upcoming Atlanta producer when the topic of new talent came up. I shared some names I was currently following, he named a few of his own, but one that stuck out was Murph Watkins. This Southside, Chicago native is making some solid contributions to the game and is definitely headed in the right direction. I like the face that he sounds fairly different from most of the music coming from Chicago currently. Obviously there are influences, slang, and other pieces of the Chi we hear in Murph, but he’s his own person.

This collaboration between Murph and Philadelphia based producer Christian Lou is definitely a good look. We are now patiently waiting for Murph to drop his new project entitled “Y U N.”

Words by: Wes Jones