Clockwork Does a 180 But He’s Not Going Counter Clockwise

I’m going to start off by saying Mac Miller, Clock, and their whole crew is crazy, but in a good way. I would love to sit down with them and observe their creative process. You can tell by the name of the record this was something completely random. Obviously Clock is a better DJ than he is an emcee, but nonetheless this video is kind of trippy, Larry Fisherman aka. Mac Miller produced a dope beat and they had fun. I do like to see artist trying new things, taking risk, and showing their true character from time to time. Emcee who take themselves to seriously are draining to listen to on record or in real-life. Check out this new visual from the Pittsburg homies and tell us what you thought about it.

Stick to the Technic 1200’s Clock
Words by: Wes Jones

For the past few years, the Afropunk festival has been one of the few summer events I’ve consistently looked forward to in New York City. It is the coming together of music, arts, food, and people. It’s also a celebration of modern Blackness in a time when Blackness is being put to its ultimate test. This years Afropunk, as it has every year for the past ten years, attracted thousands of music lovers and creative folk with its awesome performances, art displays, food trucks, and overall good vibes.
The pix tell the full story. Check them out.

Words and Photos: Jesse O. Prince

Exposing the Unexposed

Murph Watkins Teams Up With Philly On “Pharaoh” #NewMusic

I was actually on my 9 to 5 about a year ago having a conversation with an upcoming Atlanta producer when the topic of new talent came up. I shared some names I was currently following, he named a few of his own, but one that stuck out was Murph Watkins. This Southside, Chicago native is making some solid contributions to the game and is definitely headed in the right direction. I like the face that he sounds fairly different from most of the music coming from Chicago currently. Obviously there are influences, slang, and other pieces of the Chi we hear in Murph, but he’s his own person.

This collaboration between Murph and Philadelphia based producer Christian Lou is definitely a good look. We are now patiently waiting for Murph to drop his new project entitled “Y U N.”

Words by: Wes Jones

Childish Gambino Hits Us With a Combo Called “Candler Road”

Childish Gambino does have supreme lyrical ability… While reading some early comments within the first mins of the track dropping some fans were already criticizing CB for the flow shift. I’m actually pleased with this offering because its about variation and doing what you feel. CB could easily jump on records and give you a typical A-B-C flow, but his metaphors and wordplay would still crush many emcee’s. This was basically two tracks in one that could’ve easily been two full records by themselves. If you’re a CB hater I think you are partially the reason for this new record.

Either way, thanx…

Words by: Wes Jones

Cee Major Makes It Easy To Be Authentic Because Its Organic #NewEP

When I heard the first notes blaring through my headphones I predicted to hear something I would like. Cee Major is a 20-year-old emcee from East London, and he’s not one to sleep on. To the best of our limited knowledge about him “Humble Beginnings” is his first official release. Its clear we all play the double standards game. Everyone looks for lyrical ability and every other statistical category when it comes to emcees of another race. I heard Joell Ortiz talking on Hot 97 with E-Bro about how he hated hearing “you’re nice for a hispanic rapper.” Ortiz goes on to say just pay respect to an artist with dope skills because he’s dope, not because he’s Latino, British, White, or anything else. With that said you really need to press play while you read so you can understand why we give this EP such high praise. This is a great example of what a good introductory project should sound like.

The album titled first track is an amazing thesis statement, and overall mantra for the entire project. On the hook Cee Major says he came from the bare necessities in life. Just like many of us who are products of our environment plus growing up with hip-hop as the only form of self expression he was molded into the artist you hear today. Discrepancies with government, local political figures, and being judged based on looks, and other stereotypes. My hand instinctively starts reaching for a lighter when I hear “East London Pt. 2.”

You wonder where did this guy get his perspective, and the ability to spit the way he does, but its all organic when its authentic. “Cee has built a reputation for himself in UK Rap Battle league “Don’t Flop” making his debut in 2012.” This makes me respect this man even more because I do agree you have to (be capable of freestyling) if you choose to. He not only does it, but battles also. We look forward to spreading the word on Cee Major and his abilities on our platform and and Exposing The Unexposed over here in the states to this new life music. Also keep your eyes open because its rumored that Cee has already completed his 2nd EP entitled “The Format” which is due this month, and a full mixtape due 1st quarter 2015.

Download “Humble Beginnings” Full EP:

Cee Major Freestyle:

Official Video:

Words by: Wes Jones

"Groove Curse" by- Jordan Rakei

Something smooth and soulful to bring to your ears is Jordan Rakei. The Australian artist (musician, producer, singer, songwriter) comes through with his second EP “Groove Curse.” The raw vocalist is quickly starting to capture international notoriety for his refreshing interfusing of soul, r&b, and jazz. “Groove Curse” is an EP that you may want to sip on some Hennessy to. My favorite track on here may be “Alright.” When I listen to that song it reminds me of D’Angelo. I know some of y’all may say I’m bugging, but the hint of jazz towards the end of the track reminds of D’angelo video “Brown Sugar.” You are able to tell that he means every word that he sings and feel his emotion through the song. I feel as though thats the sign of a great soul singer.

Words By: Shack

Flying Lotus - “You’re Dead” (Preview) Could Double For a Badass Soundtrack To An ILL Anime

As always this new Flying Lotus brings his A+ game, but this new project sounds even more dope, trippy, and interesting than ever before. Usually when an artist say’s “this is my best work” we usually have to question that statement, and in most cases the results don’t prove conclusive. This situation is exactly the same scenario because F.L. didn’t actually make that statement, we did… The album artwork shown below is an awesome original piece created by Japanese comic book artist Shintaro Kago. Art really has no boundaries when you learn what influences other creators you will see its all one big melting pot.

Flying Lotus - You’re Dead! from Warp Records on Vimeo.

‘You’re Dead!’ is released on 6th October 2014 (7th October in North America). Formats include CD, Double Gatefold Vinyl, Digital and a Special Edition 4 x 180g Vinyl box set, which includes ‘You’re Dead! Instrumentals’ on an initial pressing of 2,000 copies worldwide. Words by: Wes jones EXPOSING THE UNEXPOSED

Curtis Williams (feat. Riff Raff) - “Drip”

I’m really not a fan of Riff Raff at all, but this particular record is decent. Not bad for a party, beer drinking, shot taking kind of night. Shout out to Two-9 and Curtis Williams as usual the kid is on point and doing his thing.

Words by: Wes Jones

Patatap Brings Synesthesia To Your Screen Via Your Web Browser

Looking for a quick escape while at work, or maybe you’re in for a quick bit of fun to escape the boredom of completing a term paper. Either way you may find the simple things in life can be the most rewarding. Turn your keyboard into a full auditory synthesizer with a visualizer included. Now with this new website anyone can producer beats and make trippy images on their tablet, pc, or mac in seconds. Check out the video below and see how some people are doing it.

PATATAP from Crooked Letter Films on Vimeo. is a website that has figured out how to combine two things many people enjoy; music and art. They accomplish this task in a very none conventional way, but this makes it even more interesting. “Synesthesia” is a very interesting effect that takes place because of impulses in the brain in correlation to music. On our series “Masters of Perception” we featured a producer who gave us a quick lesson on Synesthesia, which made a lot of sense coming from a music producer. Click here to see our interview with producer Click N Spark and here his take on Synesthesia. Words by: Wes Jones EXPOSING THE UNEXPOSED